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Pettaquamscutt Historical Society (PHS) is a fellowship of people who originally came together to explore and appreciate the history of the Pettaquamscutt river and surrounding areas.

The river is a tidal extension of the Mattatuxet river in Rhode Island, USA. It flows approximately 6.3 miles and begins its course below the Carr Pond dam on the Mattatuxet river. Pettaquamscutt river is also known as the Narrow river, both because of a long narrow stretch from Lacy bridge to the Mettatuxet Yatch Club as well as the narrow hazardous mouth of the river where it empties into Narragansett Bay.

At PHS, we seek to explore, learn and educate the younger generation of Rhode Islanders on the historical significance of our region. We’ve spread our reach beyond the borders of Rhode Island and the US. More so, we have an ever-growing rich library of historical work.

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Our work stems from our passion to explore and preserve history for the upcoming generation. We believe that history is important and holds the key to future exploits. Furthermore, we try to provide unique insights on historical facts, occurrences, and their significance to the present and potential future.