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Welcome to Pettaquamscutt Historical

Welcome to Pettaquamscutt.org. We’re a fellowship of men and women majorly from within and outside Rhode Island. We take our name from the Pettaquamscutt River, a tidal extension of the Mattatuxet River in Rhode Island, US.

Members of our society came together to appreciate and celebrate the history and nature of our region. We’re bounded by a passion to learn, celebrate, and pass on our knowledge to a younger generation of Rhode Islanders and other history and nature lovers.

We believe that our history is useful, indispensable, and is more often than not, the key to the future. History helps us to understand people and societies, while appreciating change and how our present way of living came to be. Additionally, history also gives us identity and contributes to our moral understanding.

Our study at the Pettamquamscut Historical Society is not limited to our region’s history. Researches and presentations extend to several aspects of American and global history.

We provide perspectives on historical issues, scientific discoveries and inventions in light of today’s realities in an interesting and enlightening fashion. Go through our pages to see the many interesting things we offer.

Welcome To The Art & History Museum

Founded in 1958 on the 300th anniversary of the original land purchase by colonists from Narragansett sachems, The Pettaquamscutt Historical Society encourages the study and appreciation of the region’s history. The distinctive character of the area has been marked by its proximity to the sea, a temperate climate and highly fertile soil, the flourishing plantation economy of the 18th century, and its present popularity as a destination for summer visitors and others seeking a relaxed lifestyle.

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