The Invention of Glock Pistol

In 1982 a huge revolution occurred in the world of hand-held firearms. Seemingly from out of the blue came the much celebrated and widely acclaimed Glock 17 pistol. What is more surprising is that the inventor Gaston Glock had never previously invented a firearm of any kind. As usual, the new kid on the block was quickly rejected by skeptics and conservatives who believed that the new product would get nowhere. And they seemed to be well justified. After all, the Glock Pistol 17 was merely a plastic gun that would never compete with its famous metallic cousin! Or so it was said.

To their consternation and utter disbelief, the opposite happened. Only 10 years later, by 1992, the Glock Gun 17 pistol had already sold well over 350,000 pieces with 250,000 sold out in the United States only! The big question is what made the Glock 17 pistol so popular in so many countries within such a short time? What was the secret behind the runaway success of this version of the Johnnie-come-latie handgun? Read on to find out more.

The Fascinating History of the Glock Pistol

In 1982, an ordinary curtain rod maker in Australia started having big ideas. His name was Gaston Glock. There was a need to equip his national army with an effective model of a handgun that would stand the test of time Trouble was Glock had never developed anything resembling a gun or firearm. He was a simple rod-maker!

Yet Glock did not lose heart, quickly putting together a group of leading handgun experts carefully selected from all over the European continent. Some were professionals who served in the police and the army. A few had civilian backgrounds. All were top-notch firearm experts. In a short while, after a series of tests led by Gaston Glock himself the genius gun was developed. It became the 17th patent, hence earning the tag, the Glock 17.

As earlier stated, many gun experts initially wrote off the Glock pistol as a non-starter, a momentary cloud that would quickly pass away without a trace. After all, a better version of handguns already existed that were tried and tested for centuries. Among the kings of the handgun world was the celebrated Smith and Wesson Reasons Why Experts Doubted the Glock Pistol.

  • The inventor Gaston Glock was not a renowned gun expert. Moreover the newly invented.
  • plastic-covered gun’ was considered inferior to popular metal guns that were thought to be more effective in combat. It was jokingly referred to as a plastic gun mainly because of large amounts of plastic used to design the body.
  • Due to its dubious plastic credentials, the Gaston Glock gun’s durability was put into doubt compared to the conventional metallic weapons.
  • plastic gun, more like a toy would be unreliable and unsuitable especially when dealing with ruthless criminals.
  • There was another issue? What would happen in major airports if one carried the Glock pistol? It was thought that the new gun would circumvent efforts to detect metallic guns and encourage criminal activity.

Pundits Proved Wrong

Eventually, the experts were proved wrong as the Glock pistol sales and popularity soared worldwide. Before long, the gun was used in more than 48 countries and became popular with both the law-enforcement agencies like the police and the military and also with civilian users. What is more, records showed that the gun had become a darling of criminals!

In 1982 the Austrian police and army already used the gun to a large degree. Soon the Swedish and Norwegian forces followed suit and NATO later declared the gun as a standard classified firearm. By 1988 the US police, army, and the FBI had adopted the gun. In 2013 the British army its arsenal with the Glock 17. Popular features of the Glock 17:

  • The large amounts of plastic used made it lightweight.The large amounts of plastic used made it lightweight
  • It’s of lack of external safety gave it an advantage over many semi-automatic handguns
  • It proved to be quite durable.

Best Glock for Home Defence The Glock 17 gun became the best Glock for home defense due to the following factors, Quick aiming, With the Glock 17 one could quickly aim and be on target. The US police discovered the officers learned how to use it quickly and they became more accurate marksmen. Light trigger pull, This feature of the Glock 17 meant it was easy to use and reliable. This also makes the best Glock for home defense. Low penetration, The Glock 17 ensures you cannot easily miss target due to its low penetration feature. Easy handling, The Glock 17 is, again the best Glock for home defense. It’s easy to handle even if combat takes place in a small room. No doubt, the Glock 17 was a wonderful invention of the 21st century that revolutionized everything. Do you need a firearm for self-defense? Yes, the Glock 17 is the best Glock for home defense.


AR-15 scopes originated from the United States. AR-15 scopes have improved accuracy, and they are very effective. They were manufactured between 1959 and the year 1964. The United States Armed Forces adopted the AR-15 Armalite and named it an M16 rifle. Armature did the designation good AR-15 scopes in the year 19056. It is the American based gun manufactured.

The origin of AR-15 scopes can be traced back to the period after the second world war. It was at the end of World War II when the United States Military wanted an automatic rifle that can be sued to replace M1 Grenade, Thumbson Submachine gun.M1/M2 Carbines, Automatic rifle, and M1918 Browning. The first selection that was made resulted in a lot of disappointments, and then there was a need for replacement. Various machines were selected to be used during the Korean War, the machines that were used underwent revolution and testing until the. Weapon designers of America suggested that mid round is necessary, a cartridge of high-voltage and of small- caliber was recommended.

The American commander encountered the fanatical enemies and also faced severe logistical problems at the time of Korean War and WWII. It was recommended and insisted that a powerful cartridge of 30 calibers be developed. It was to be for a new and automatic rifle. The General Purpose Machine Gun was in the concurrent process of development. The culmination for 7.62 by 51 mm Nato Cartridge development was initiated.
There we series of testings on the several rifles by the United States Army to replace M1 Grenade. AR-10 featured during the process of innovation. AR-10 was designed with the high rugged sites, the oversized aluminum, recoil compensator and the adjustable system of the gas. After all the trials United States Army chose the M14 rifle, the improved brand of M1 Grenade. It had automatic fire capability and a 20-round magazine.

Vietnam war brought confrontations between M14 and the AK-47. The reports from the battlefield indicated that M14 was hard to control and soldiers could not maintain the superiority of the AK-47. The replacement was needed.

There was the development of a 223 caliber rifle with a weight of 2.7kg when the 20-round magazine is loaded. The created 556 mm and was to make penetration through the M1 US helmet at 460 meters with Maintenace of the speed. The improvements were made on the M14 to outdo AK-47 resulted in a more superior rifle of an upgraded version of AR-10, this was now called the AR-15 rifle.

A lot of testing for AR-15 was scheduled. It was found to have excellent performance in the battlefield making results favorable to the people who innovated the AR-15 rifle. Five men who use AR-15 has the same size of firepower with a team of eleven men armed with M14. It is the most reliable rifle for many and with its improved accuracy when in the battlefield all the challenges are solved. The army working with the AR-15 is now done with financial difficulties and the absence of results despite their efforts.

Several improvements of AR-15 scopes have been made since its innervation diversified equipment have been developed to create a wide range of merchandise from which to choose. Now having known the history of AR-15 scope you have to know it is more superior to which one and why it is liked more by various users in the entire world.